Bright Brown Skin

Steelfit Fit Tone + Pro Tan Sunny Day


Sunny Day – Golden Glow – Self-tanning body lotion
Enjoy a beautiful, radiant tan all year round without the effects of harmful rays with this deeply moisturizing body lotion rich in vitamins A and E.
It is easy to use on all skin types and provides the most natural tan.

With daily use, you can gradually achieve a golden brown.

Contains a unique herbal blend:
• green tea and cola bush extract ensures your skin is well-groomed and soft
• The heavenly scent of tropical mango and lime pleasantly refreshes your skin

Mix Steelfit Contouring Body Lotion with Sunny Day Super Tanning Cream and the result will be a beautifully radiant, tight brown skin.

✓Natural tan immediately
✓ Use it regularly to make your summer tan even longer!
✓Tightening body lotion provides all-day hydration to your skin
✓While tightening the skin and leaving it soft
✓ Clinically proven ingredients
✓ No redness or heat sensation
✓ For both women and men


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