Tight Skin Stack

Steelfit Fit Tone + Pro Tan Get Buffed


Get Buffed – pH optimizing exfoliator

Get Buffed is a skin scrub that optimizes skin PH and removes dead skin cells. Thanks to its use, the tan will have an evenly beautiful tone. It contains natural ingredients, plant extracts and vitamins.

NEW PACKAGE! pH-optimizing exfoliator + firming and contouring body lotion for soft, tight, radiant skin!

✓The exfoliator optimizes the pH of the skin and removes dead skin cells

✓After use, the cream can be absorbed deeper and more effectively into the skin

✓Tightening body lotion provides all-day hydration to your skin

✓While tightening the skin and leaving it soft

✓ Clinically proven ingredients
✓ No redness or heat sensation
✓ For both women and men


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